WSTB No. 102

Markus Viehbeck & Bruno Lainé: The Manuscript Kanjur from Shey Palace, Ladakh. Introduction and Catalogue. 2022, 539 p.

The Open Access publication of this volume was financially supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

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This publication includes both a comprehensive catalogue as well as a first analysis of the Kanjur kept in the palace of Shey, Ladakh. This compilation of manually copied manuscripts not only offers unique insights into the local workings of Himalayan Buddhist manuscript production but also, as a collection of Buddhist canonical literature, figures as an important link in the translocal transmission of the Tibetan canon. Both of these aspects are addressed in the introduction, which discusses the features of the manuscripts, the information that can be gathered about their production, their textual contents, and the conclusions that can be drawn about the relationships to other Kanjurs. Considerations of the contents of the Shey Kanjur are informed by a detailed catalogue of the manuscripts, which forms the main part of this publication.


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