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Jowita Kramer “A Noble Abbot from Mustang. Life and Works of Glo-bo mKhan-chen (1456-1532)” (2008) 334p.



Glo-bo mKhan-chen (1456-1532), a prince of the ruling house of Mustang (Glo-bo) in the Nepalese-Tibetan borderlands, was one of the most prominent Sa-skya-pa teachers of his time. The span of his life saw not only the heyday of scholasticism in 15th-century Tibet, but also the apogee of his family’s power in Mustang. Glo-bo mKhan-chen’s main contributions to Tibetan scholasticism were his commentaries on Sa-skya Paṇḍita’s major works. Of particular interest are his writings on the sDom gsum rab dbye, which bear witness to the schism within the Sa-skya-pa school caused by the controversial doctrines of his teacher gSer-mdog Paṇ-chen Shākya-mchog-ldan (1428-1507).
This book presents a detailed study of Glo-bo mKhan-chen’s life and works. It includes an introduction summarizing the political and religious history of Mustang and its neighbouring kingdoms up to the 16th century, a translation of the master’s autobiography, and a descriptive catalogue of a great part of his collected works.

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