WSTB No. 69

Pascale Hugon “Trésors du raisonnement. Sa skya Paṇḍita et ses prédécesseurs tibétains sur les modes de fonctionnement de la pensée et le fondement de l’inférence” Édition et traduction annotée du quatrième chapitre et d’une section du dixième chapitre du Tshad ma rigs pa’i gter (2008) 854p.



Glo-bo mKhan-chen (1456-1532), a prince of the ruling house of Mustang (Glo-bo) in the Nepalese-Tibetan borderlands, was one of the most prominent Sa-skya-pa teachers of his time. The span of his life saw not only the heyday of scholasticism in 15th-century Tibet, but also the apogee of his family’s power in Mustang. Glo-bo mKhan-chen’s main contributions to Tibetan scholasticism were his commentaries on Sa-skya Paṇḍita’s major works. Of particular interest are his writings on the sDom gsum rab dbye, which bear witness to the schism within the Sa-skya-pa school caused by the controversial doctrines of his teacher gSer-mdog Paṇ-chen Shākya-mchog-ldan (1428-1507).

This book presents a detailed study of Glo-bo mKhan-chen’s life and works. It includes an introduction summarizing the political and religious history of Mustang and its neighbouring kingdoms up to the 16th century, a translation of the master’s autobiography, and a descriptive catalogue of a great part of his collected works.

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