WSTB No. 75

Helmut Eimer “A Catalogue of the Kanjur Fragment from Bathang Kept in the Newark Museum” (2012) 216p.



Preface by Klaus-Dieter Mathes. ix
Acknowledgements. x
Conventions. xiii
Sigla/Abbreviations. xiv
A glance at the transmission of the Kanjur

The mainstream transmission. xvii
On the development of the Tibetan Kanjur. xix
Local Kanjurs. xxi
The Bathang Kanjur fragment
A local Kanjur from Eastern Tibet. xxiv
The extant volumes of the Bathang Kanjur. xxviii
Volume dkar chags. xxxii
The arrangement of volumes in the catalogue. xxxiii
Description of the manuscript volumes
Paper and size. xxxiv
Page setting and foliation. xxxvi
Script and signs. xxxviii
Orthographic features of the Bathang Kanjur. xlii
Transliteration of Sanskrit in the Bathang Kanjur. xliv
Observations made in cataloguing
Titles without equivalent in the standard kanjurs. xlvii
Differences between the Bathang Kanjur and corresponding texts. xlix
Common features of the Bathang and the Derge Kanjurs. liii
Remarks on the rgyud volume
Parallels in some editions of the Rnying ma’i rgyud ‘bum. liv
Vinaya. 1
Prajñāpāramitā. 8
Avataṃsaka. 16
Sūtra. 20
Mahāparinirvāṇa. 133
Tantra. 134
Bibliography. 155
Accession numbers and Tibetan volume titles. 163
Contents of the films. 164
Keys to concordances. 167
Tibetan text titles. 179
Sanskrit titles. 187
Tibetan chapter titles and intermediate colophon titles. 193
Translators and revisers. 213

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