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Shinya Moriyama (ed.) “Transmission and Transformation of Buddhist Logic and Epistemology in East Asia” (2020) 304p.

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We are now in a new phase of Buddhist studies, one in which scholars of Buddhist logic and epistemology should pay attention to the fact that Buddhist thought is different in different places, shaped by the different cultures of these different places, many of which are quite distant from the place of origin. Gradually, in recent years, scholars have come to appreciate better the importance and the challenge of understanding how Buddhist thought, when transmitted outside of its place of origin, is transformed by the culture of those to whom it is transmitted. This book consists of nine chapters written by scholars who feel it necessary to throw new light on the intellectual heritage of Buddhist logic and epistemology, preserved in various places from South to East Asia. Texts investigated in this volume include earlier Buddhist texts on logic such as the Upāyahṛdaya and the Tarkaśāstra, Dignāga’s Nyāyamukha and Pramāṇasaumuccaya, Bhāviveka’s Dasheng zhangzhen lun, and various yinming/inmyō materials written by Xuanzang’s disciples and other East Asian Buddhist monks.

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