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Vincent Eltschinger, Birgit Kellner, Ethan Mills and Isabelle Ratié: A Road Less Traveled. Felicitation Volume in Honor of John Taber. 2021, 542 p.

The Open Access publication of this volume was financially supported by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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This felicitation volume in honor of John Taber is a tribute to an outstanding scholar of classical Indian philosophy. The individual contributions cover a broad range of philosophical currents, including Buddhist epistemology as well as several Hindu currents (Mīmāṃsā, Vedānta, Sāṃkhya); they exhibit philosophical as well as historical and philological approaches. To honor Taber’s close relationship with the landscape of New Mexico, the volume has a cover image by Georgia O’Keeffe, “Black Mesa Landscape / Out Back of Marie’s II, 1930”.


Authors: Dan Arnold, Hugo David, Vincent Eltschinger, Christopher Framarin and Stephen Harris, Eli Franco, Elisa Freschi, Alessandro Graheli, Kunio Harikai, Matthew T. Kapstein, Kei Kataoka, Ethan Mills, Roy W. Perrett, Isabelle Ratié, Ernst Steinkellner, Tom J. F. Tillemans, Alex Watson, Kiyotaka Yoshimizu.

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